LAX Nightclub

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Located inside Luxor Hotel & Casino, LAX came under new ownership in late 2010 and immediately benefited from a re-energized vitality to the nightclub’s celebrity and headliner resident DJ schedule. This venue is perfect for the clubgoer looking to catch a glimpse of the nightly celebrity host as you dance in close quarters with others who likely aren’t local. If you fancy being a bit on display throughout the night, reserve one of the tables closest to the main stage as this section of LAX’s layout almost forces everyone in the nightclub to find themselves starring in your direction at one point or another.

Cover Charge:
Nights Open:
10:30p.m. – close, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Average Line:
45 Minutes – 1.5 Hours, depending on night.


THE SETUP AT THE DOOR: LAX Nightclub, in theory, has a very straightforward setup at the door which divides general admission into one line, table reservations into another, and the mob of people talking their way in and / or joining in from the guest list in a third and final line. As with any club, this well-intended setup can at times overload the guestlist and table check in areas, making it always a good idea to get there early to help avoid a long wait.

HOW TO GET TO THE NIGHTCLUB: LAX Nightclub is located just near the main valet of the Luxor hotel. If you are using self park, simply follow the bridge into the casino and make a right.

BEST NIGHTS TO GO: LAX Nightclub is open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You will find celebrity hosts and performances on any regular club night and a better mix of locals and tourists during their weekly Wednesday party.

DRESS CODE: So that there isn’t any problem getting into the club once at the rope, gentlemen should make sure to wear a collared shirt or sport coat as LAX Nightclub has more of an East Coast door policy.  Always be mindful of wearing nicer shoes and avoid anything that can be considered sportswear (track jackets, jerseys, sports shoes, hats, etc). Remember, if you are unsure if something will work or not, play it safe.

DRINK PRICES: Mixed Drinks Start at $12, Beers $7, Shots $7, and Table Service Bottles Begin at $425.

BEST TABLE LOCATION: Almost all of LAX’s tables are located within the main room, which has tables located on the upper balcony, directly on the dancefloor, and within the roped off center area that surrounds the dance floor. The most sought after tables are along the stage area, which nearly always caters to the hosting or guest celebrities visiting the nightclub. If you are enjoying LAX Nightclub with a larger group (15+), you will more than likely prefer a dancefloor table that will allow more room for everyone to come-and-go as they please. If your group is 30 or more, ask your host if the side room is available.

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